Dr. Connie and her husband John

Dr. Connie Mariano is a groundbreaker. She was the White House Physician to three Presidents, toured the world on Air Force One, and has had countless amazing experiences. The one thing that life didn’t prepare her for was becoming a widow. 

After losing her beloved husband John in a tragic accident, Dr. Connie joined the one million women who are widowed in the United States each year. While her journey as a widow has been one of intense grief and sorrow, it has also been one of extraordinary growth and re-birth. 

Now, Dr Connie is sharing what she’s learned, joined by her knowledgeable guests, to help anyone struggling with this deeply personal and often lonely journey of their own. Tune into The Widow’s Walk, Thursdays at 3PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

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