Here’s another interview with someone with a unique job I’ve always been curious about.

Dr. Connie Mariano was “The White House Doctor” from 1992 to 2001, charged with taking care of the President, the Vice President, their families, and lots of people around them. She went everywhere the President went — from the Oval Office to the motorcade to Air Force One to meetings with dignitaries to rallies and speeches — always just a few feet away.

We talked about how she did her job while “the specter of assassination hung over all of us,” the Secret Service training she went through, how she was sometimes called upon to help a sick tourist on the White House tour or a friend of the President who was choking on shrimp at a holiday party, and why she didn’t think she’d get the job in the first place. Fascinating stuff from a medical professional who was that close to the most powerful man in the world every single day for nearly a decade. Click on the link below to listen to this interview;