Dr. Connie Mariano, you’ve seen her on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, now she visits The Gary Snyder Monday on FM 100.1 Talks from 6-7 p.m.  Dr. Mariano was the Presidential Physician to President George H. W. Bush, President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush and now she has a book to tell us her story, “The White House Doctor:  My Patients were Presidents – A Memoir”.  You don’t want to miss this interview!  The Gary Snyder Show will also talk illegal voting for the Huntington County Republican Chair and how the name Stoffel always seems to be involved in scandal.  It’s also FREE golf Monday from Frazanda Golf Course.  All this and your phone calls at 800-946-9689.  Sorry, still no Huntington County Republican Chairwoman Angie Garner.

Politics in Northeast Indiana may never be the same!